Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Get a job

Nico is almost 9 months old. I quit my work-from-home computer job in November because it was impossible for me to do the work like I had for 3 years. It was online publishing, and sometimes tasks were last minute and assigned late at night and really urgent. I quit while I was ahead. I was hoping to phase out that job anyway. The plan was to go back to work after the new year, hopefully doing something cheese related again. I had an interview for a good place in February. The dude that interviewed me seemed really into the "culture" of his establishment; that it was "quirky" and "creative". He had a tiny beard and what I think were no-iron pants. His face dropped when I mentioned that I had a 5 month old baby. So, the interview that was going rally well, ended abruptly. Blech. In March I pitched a cheese position to a place that was expanding their operation and space. I wrote them this whole thing and sent it and then cried. I felt really fragile about putting myself out there, being the master of my own destiny, grabbing life by the balls, taking our country back. They sent me a very nice response that was all We Can't Right Now But This Sounds Great, Thanks! Then they called me and May and wanted to talk. I had a lovely long talk/interview thing and it was great. They liked my ideas and I felt really good and creative. Then my friend sent my a CL ad for the job they posted. They didn't even call me to say that they weren't going to hire me. Also, the ad was full of stuff I talked about in the interview, some stuff from my cover letter, and one (unique) line from my resume. Sad sad what the fuck. I emailed them and gave the benefit of the doubt. To their credit, the responder said that they loved my ideas and realized that they DO want a position like that, but my availability didn't work for them. Woooowwwwwwww! Zen Master Micah helped me to let it go. I replied, "Thanks! I'll see you around!" Now I'm looking for volunteer opportunities. I emailed two organizations that I like. One said that they would let me know in the future if they need anyone, and the other has not responded. Man. My sister does social media work for a bunch of small businesses, so I've been working some for her. I've blogged for a plastic surgeon, a self-storage company, and a music for kids site. So, that's ok. I haven't done any voice over auditions for a while, and I really need to get my demo on this voice bank that everyone uses to get work - but it costs 300 clams, and I don't have the extra bucks right now. In the meantime, Micah is working very hard, as usual and is a great provider. Everything is fine, I would just like to have some work that makes me happy. For now though, I really, really like taking care of Nico. She is awesome and I think I'm getting good at momming her. However, I think I could be a better mom, especially when she gets older, doing some other things that I am good at. I'm staying positive! I feel good about what's going on right this minute - especially since I got my hair done and we got the hall painted, and I almost have Nico sound like she's saying "hot dog". It's very funny for me!


  1. You are my hero for having the guts to pitch your cheese idea. I'm sorry that all went so lame.

    I've been trying to think of ways to earn some cash and be a better person by doing something I'm good at too. It's hard to work around kids. But even if I could swing the schedule, I never figured out what would be rewarding work for me even before kids. I'm envious of your skills and your confidence.

  2. Aw, thanks Gypsy. I didn't realize how hard it would be to work at home with a baby. She needed to be held at all times until she was about 4 months old. It was intense. Anyway, the blogging for my sister's clients is actually pretty fun. She kind of stumbled into the whole things and is making some really good ca$h now. And, it's easier to get my stuff done now that N is mobile and entertains herself with electrical outlets and trash.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Being a mom-person is trickier than I thought it would be. You made it look too easy!