Monday, September 12, 2011

Decision Zone

I'm still pregnant, so I've decided that this week I need a plan to keep busy. That's the only decision I have settled. Ideas for this week:

A) 12:00 Mass:

I could go downtown daily at noon and attend Mass at my church. The only thing is that I have only been once to this service. I was really nervous about when to stand and stuff and kept messing up. When I went before, it was just me and a construction worker. Maybe a bravery test is a good distraction.

B) Walk to the hardware store and buy spray paint:

Micah made a beautiful cradle for the baby. He painted the base gray, per my suggestion, but I don't like it and think it should be white. I could go buy the white spray paint.

C) Make up my mind about my Wednesday evening plans:

I go to prenatal yoga on Wednesday nights and I really love it. I feel great after--it's the best thing for my brain and mid-week body. Here's the rub: Ministry of Secret Jokes, a great monthly comedy show is Wednesday and Juliet Hope Wayne is performing. I first heard her on The Moth podcast and love, love, love her storytelling. So, should I do yoga? Or should I laugh hard and see friends? Go to my (probably? hopefully?) last prenatal yoga class? Or my last comedy show for a while? It's bothering me.

These are the decisions I am facing. Tough stuff.

1 comment:

  1. Missed you at noon mass today. If you attend on Friday, I will signal you with secret clues about when you should sit, stand, and kneel.

    Or, for God's sake, you're pregnant. Just sit the whole time.