Thursday, March 8, 2012

Places everyone!

My Pandora jam these days is The Sound of Music station. Showtunes! Oh man, it is so good. I find that lip-synching to musicals is a great stress reliever. I've been doing it for years. You should try it sometime. When I'm cooking or doing the dishes I'll go beyond just mouthing the words and belt out my favorites, dancing wildly like wild person who has spent their day eating candies and drinking pepsi and snorting lines of cocaine off of the sheet music for "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins. I enjoy it and so does little Nico Mae, who requires constant and diverse entertainment. She stares fascinated and delighted, which is a dream come true for me. My constant singing and dancing has always been unanimously annoying to all of those close to me. Get over it friends and family! I have a lust for life! I also have a mental illness that is under control however a harmless byproduct of that illness is abundant energy and I don't really mind and at least I'm not talking to myself and cutting my own hair anymore and calling you crying and you are probably jealous anyway!

I pretend that I am indifferent to the Disney songs that play, and I act downright disgusted with The Phantom of the Opera. Truth is, I am secretly giddy with delight every single time. My most favorite of all is the one from The Sound of Music where Rolfe sings and dances with Liesl in a gazebo. I always feel like playing the part of Rolfe more than Liesl. Maybe it's because I can relate more to a know-it-all than to a sexually naive teenaged girl that sneaks out of the house and gets herself unknowingly involved with young Nazi. I dunno.

The only song I am NOT cool with is this song from Disney's Mulan. Even though I love makeover scenes, especially ones that transform dowdy tomboys into fancy Chinese escorts, this tune played over and over in the theater where I worked at Disneyland for three (long! fun! tedious!) years. When I hear it now, I feel tired and mad that the costume department does not offer the required denim shirt in a smaller size.
Nico really likes music, but I hope I am not exposing her too much to these songs. Nothing good comes of a person who only listens to showtunes. I've met these people. They have alienated themselves into a world where they are a scrappy, smudged-faced dreamer. "You've got it all wrong!" they say. "You know, we're not so different, you and me. Sure, I'm an adult who recently sold her car so she could buy a playbill autographed by the original cast of Rent! Ok, so I have been married twice, both times to gay men that I didn't realize were gay. One looked like Jean Valjean from the 1987 U.S. tour (I have daddy issues) and the other looked EXACTLY like Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid! SO SUE ME!!!!"

Oonnnn myyyy oooowwwnnn
I must save Nico from this fate! Tonight we listen to the Fugazi station. I'm sure she'll love that!
Sweet dreams!

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