Thursday, November 17, 2011

On the up and friggin up

I will write on this more now. I used to be the first to roll my eyes when ladies with sunglasses used as headbands (sorry sister Jenny, you really do pull it off!) would say they hardly have time to take a shower. Now I work hard to judge no woman. Taking a shower is a delicate endeavor.

The first few weeks of parenthood were precious and hard and fun and funny and hard. There was no sleep, very little time out of the apartment and lots of learning. I am grateful that I am feeling more like myself again and have (I think) left that foggy place.

I had a really incredible birth experience, and I think that the feeling of accomplishment was super helpful when the shit got real in those very early days. I wanted little to no intervention and wanted to enjoy the process. All of that happened, which was awesome. I am trying to write the whole thing out. I think it will be too long of a read. It took a really long time to get that kid out.

That's all. Enjoy your normal sleep life and showers. And enjoy the out-of-this-world adorableness of my child:


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